Nathaniel's Pen was my first publication with Colombian illustrator, Diego Caceres. It presents to the reader a common problem-solving challenge faced by preschoolers - losing a toy or belonging, and having to find it. After a morning of drawing pictures of his family, dinosaurs and spaceships, Nathaniel joins his mom and dad in running a series of errands in town.  Together they go to the bank, the pharmacy, the supermarket, and finally to play in the park.   When the three return home, they realize that somewhere in their travels, Nathaniel's pen has gone missing.   The book then invites the reader to help Nathaniel retrace his steps by leafing back through the exquisitely illustrated environments to help find the pen. Through a well-metered and easy-to-read text, and Diego Cáceres' warm and engaging artwork, this book invites us to explore the important pre-school developmental skills of drawing, making lists, planning activities, putting things away, tying your shoes, exploring the neighbourhood, waiting in queue, and retracing steps to find lost objects.

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