Recently, I was asked a few questions about my life and work as a writer of silly rhymes, and stuff like that.  

Can you tell us something interesting about yourself?

Sure. My name is Corey John Scott.

And once upon a time, I was just three avocados tall.

Since then, I've more than doubled my height.

Without even trying, at all.

Ok. What  jobs did you have before you became a writer?

As a teen, I worked in a pizza shop, but I struggled to make enough dough.

Then, I was a tour guide, until I forgot which way to go.

For a while, I was an accordionist in an unknown one-man band.

What did you learn from all this? 

Nothing ever goes as planned.

What other jobs have you had?

Well, I've been an actor, writer, singer, and an English teacher, too.

But making silly picture books is what I really most like to do.

How has writing books helped change you as a person?

I think I'm more than three avocodos tall now, but I still feel like a kid.

And I hope readers enjoy my stories as much as my inner-kid did.

Who are some of your favourite picture book writers?

I'm a big fan of PD Eastman, and of course, Dr. Seuss.

Jon Klassen, and Julia Donaldson, and all things Mother Goose!

Who are your favourite illustrators to work with?

I've worked most with Diego Cáceres, so he'd be my number one.

And working with Zoe (Saunders) and Sanja (Bošković) has been bookloads of fun.

What advice do you have for people who want to write?

Do it. Just write! And when you can't, go for a walk.

Or get inspired by avocodos. Or cheese. Or chalk.

You mention avocados a lot.  Do you have a thing for avocados?

I love avocados. I mean, really, who doesn't?

You want to hear something really cool?


I once auditioned for a part in a play as an avacado.



Were you chosen?

I wasn't.