Peter Pug was an awful young pirate. He had a musket, but he never did fire it. He had a sword that he couldn't quite hold. And a treasure map that he had never unrolled. He had a pirate ship that had never been to sea. So what kind of awful young pirate was he? When his sister's doll is stolen by a stork, Peter Pug sets off with all his pirate toys packed on his back, confronting bigger badder villains, and in the process gaining the confidence to be the heroic pirate he had once only imagined. Written in easy, exuberant verse, this quick-paced tale is masterfully illustrated by British illustrator Zoe Saunders, and has been read by hundreds of children worldwide. Peter Pug explores the value of playful imagination, sibling relations, confronting and overcoming fears, and realizing one's inner potential through challenging play and adventure.

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